It's not all about the weather

Some may believe in reading Instagram captions that the apple does not fall that far from the tree. Because just as you can always talk in analogy about the weather, so you can apparently also on Instagram repeatedly address, which is the best season and why the weather is so good or bad. But does such a thing have any added value at all?

Is there a question you can not read on Instagram?

Of course, Instagram is a platform for sharing pictures. But you should not underestimate that it is also a microblogging platform. And not all of them are reading the lyrics, but just letting the lyrics for emojis or asking questions about the weather is also an opportunity that has been wasted. In the same way I can not read the questions about the day in x Emojis, about the favorite season, what you see on the weekend or if you are watching this or that casting show.

The magic word in social media

Did you already hear about the term "Call to Action"? if not, then you should remember him, because he belongs to the small 1x1 in social media. Whether it's Instagram, Youtube, blogpost or any other kind of social media, call-to-action motivates your readers to interact with you. And it's also nice to have an honest interest in the answers of your readers or viewers, right?