10 reasons why I blog less about beauty products

Maybe some have already seen it on Instagram, but maybe others have not noticed it yet. I have renamed myself. Bettinaviolabarth is the account with which I post daily now, there are still some complaints - but rather, so that no other person uses this name.

# 1 I am different today

That I renamed myself, was not only goodwill. My community on Instagram was from the beginning rather 50:50 for and against the renaming. But in the end my own feeling was the tip of the balance. The IHanakoI time from 2003 to 2013, these were just my first Babysteps on the Internet about Uboot, Animexx and Deviantart just for the first beauty blog Flowers in Nowhere and Youtube. Youtube at the age of 19 in 2009 was a different world, at that time we girls were a small community. I do not want to be wistful or anything, do not worry, but it was pretty exciting at the time who got it all together and talked about beauty. But in Youtube years several generations have passed already.

# 2 I do not hunt limited products anymore

For me today is a different time than then. At the age of 19, I was still more consumerist, chasing after LEs as if it were a sport and make-up, and the wide variety of drugstores, that was new to me. Yes, back in Cuxhaven we only had one little Rossmann in the city center, a Schlecker nobody really stepped on and a place in the industrial area that could hardly be reached without a car. But at the latest after 2, 3 years one has no desire, constantly new stuff to buy. And currently I have the feeling, I would like to sort out, although sometimes I make up other people. Even if I sort out, I will still have too much. But what do I need 20 eyeshadow palettes if I use a maximum of 3 for myself at present?

Aufgerouget was then almost phase 2.0 - I was just in a difficult phase and the world around me has turned in the period from 2014 again completely 180 degrees.

# 3 Being a beauty blogger is against my current consumer behavior

Today, things are different for me, and since my husband is a minimalist, moving to less waste is also important to me. In the world of cosmetics already a tightrope act. Most is just wrapped in plastic, who wants to completely dispense with plastic, which should also more or less say the make-up goodbye or be prepared to come in a very old-fashioned way to his make-up. Maybe plastic-free decorative cosmetics will be available soon? It remains to be hoped? Shampoo in solid form arrives more and more in the mainstream. As long as I can do so much and do not buy things that dust elsewhere.

# 4 Nobody needs so much stuff

I do not know about you, but I do not know any beauty boxes anymore. At the very beginning I had a box from Dm or Rossmann and most, I gave away. GLOW goodies? Some keep, most give away or give away. I do not feel like dumping that stuff or lying around and dusting up. The is an incredible waste and a shame. So let alone the garbage that results. Therefore, I would rather have a little and then sometimes invest in cool things, instead of buying me any scrap. There are scary models there. A friend of mine told me about a Youtuber who did Disneykitsch Hauls with good ratings, only to sell it directly again ... I find that very, very difficult. What does the young spectator show? Buying for the sake of buying? Just because something is beautiful, I do not have to change it. Netflix is now Marie Kondo and I would like to start sorting out a bit today.

# 5 I do not just want to be a pretty thing

Is this reason comprehensible to all? There were a lot of people who read aloud or the name Beautyblogger and moan and openly give the feedback: "Please tell something different." Beauty in Germany, that's a term, because you think of Bibi and Dagi and common stereotypes. And of course I'm above it, but often I had situations where I was considered to be pretty stupid. And that annoys me. I do not just want to be pretty or fat or fashion-oriented, I'm also pretty book smart and practice-driven, worked as a waitress and worked at the theater, giving tutoring and gaining experience in the field of nursing. I can talk for hours about literary studies, because I teach all literary science lectures of Prof. Dr. med. Detering visited at that time and love theater. But you can only see it all if you read the lines below the many pretty pictures on Instagram.

One thing that annoys me a lot about Instagram and certainly costs me follower growth, because I block rigorously and delete news requests, is the problem with the guys who write a row.

# 6 Men are scared of me

Sad but true. Yesterday I talked to Jonah about it, but it's really that way and not just my impression. It has happened to me quite often in my long social media career that male fellow human beings, sometimes also female, but more often masters of creation, did not take me seriously and then were offended. Insulted because I was more intellectual than they thought and it is difficult to describe, but many people do not like that. They then usually do so passive-aggressive crap, make me behind my back with others bad, exclude me and all the kindergarten stuff. In the meantime, I no longer feel like dealing with it at all. That only robs power. I can use it elsewhere.

# 7 I like make-up, but I'm not a professional makeup artist

Many have asked me over the years if I would like to do full-time face painting and I know some who do. And my answer is no. From time to time I like that, but in the long run I like work like in the theater or in companies that are varied.

# 8 Bodypositivity is more important to me now

Unfortunately, this silly cliché still applies, you would be totally without self-confidence and therefore have to put on a mask. Sometimes this may be true in individual cases, but makeup is so much more. In general, I'm sitting there in a mental dilemma.

Personally, I see makeup as a transformation and it's a bit like drawing sketches, just in my own face. It relaxes me and during the daytime I'm not taking a selfie or taking a break when I'm unvarnished. My behavior is relatively similar. In fact, my fellow human beings perceive me differently and unvarnished, I am invisible, while I make-up sometimes treated very rude. No idea why. Do you have any guesses?

And that's exactly what I want to transport with my content today. You do not have to do anything. And if you do not feel like make-up, then leave it.

# 9 Setting priorities financially

Traveling and beautiful clothes of my size are two money-eaters and that's how much beauty costs. I can save myself then synonymous. That's all already said, right?

# 10 There are so many of us now

Just being a beauty blogger is no longer enough, as it was in 2009. There are thousands and so many possibilities - there you have to look for a niche.