Fashion Week is what you make of it

So this January I can definitely say: This was not my fashion week. Of course, I had a great shoot and pleasant trade fair visits, but on the other hand, I was thinking everywhere, but not at Fashion Week. Nahanstehender passed away, relocation of a close relative, husband has a busy schedule, his own agenda - everything was shuffling in my head and I did not quite switch off.

Head free for Berlin

I recommend you not only to have a suitcase in Berlin, but to unload everything else from Berlin. Because the fashionweeks before that I was much freer and was looking forward to the shows. This time around I saw myself in Neukölln, where I had pitched my bed (in a wonderfully minimalistic room), and thought: Yes, so you do not want to live here, all full of garbage. Maybe it was just the wrong corner, funnily enough I end up in my neighborhood again and again, I know every street by now and also have my corners and shops, which can inspire me personally.

Why I'm catching myself in Berlin

I am often told that Berlin or London are my cities by style. I do not know. Is there a city I do not notice? It may be due to the yellow coat, but I was kind of blasting next to all the winter jackets and coats in muted tones. And it was especially funny when I was in my travel outfit and unadorned un tired and sat with check pattern in black red and black white Atztekenmuster in the café and in the 2 hours I worked there, unbelievably many people came to me and celebrated this outfit. I was a little surprised. But on closer observation of the current Berlin style I realized a lot ...

The Berlin Street Style

Actually, the Berlin Streetstyle currently has not so much to do with what you see on Instagram. The hip Berlin girls I met in cafés are often unvarnished or so made-up that they do not look made-up. The haircut is currently often short, sometimes Prince Eisenherz, often pony, sometimes fake glasses and if longer hair, then in a messy bun. The style is unexcited, very second hand heavy and often very urban. The shoes are boots or sneakers, worn jeans or a little dress, over a bomber or denim jacket, wrapped in huge knitted scarves. Nothing that you would really see at Fashion Week. The style currently screams outright: I'm not in the mood to wear something different every season.

Shows and events

This time, my bad conscience resonates a bit, because I was not at any show or event, but it was just 1 official day of Fashion Week, Tuesday. I always think that you should have a plan. It's not about goodies, it's about contacts, networking and representation of the plussiness - yes, even someone in Plussize can be fashion-interested. But I did not want to be half-hearted, but I'm going to start in the summer with Fashionweek. My current internship at Süperb may help, who knows. I feel a little more of the feeling of understanding the fashion circus more and more.