Darling, I played through Asos!

This blog post belongs to the category: Yes, yes, Bettina, you may have first world problems again ... But several people asked me that this blog, which will not wear the name Aufgerouget for much longer, is also more my point of view on Fashion shows. Not just buying tips, but what's behind the fashion and our long-standing and sometimes very ambivalent relationship.

Remembering my youth, it was always a joke and a fight to buy clothes. Either you found things in cheap stores in big sizes and they looked like grandma or were scratchy or uncomfortable or I eventually gave in to the pressure and made a pretty hateful relationship to my body, starving just to wear a size that you found without problems in every store.

Remembering my youth, it was always a joke and a fight to buy clothes. I'd give you a good relationship with my body, and I would like you to look at it every store.

But I still have the feeling that it's easy to do, if you only stay with Asos or Zalando. Yes, both shops have a very convenient way to shop clothes. I ordered Sunday evening and yesterday the order was there, the pants unfortunately does not fit, but I keep a blouse because my old broken and my mother has found one, the rest goes back. This is fast, easy and convenient compared to other shops, where you wait weeks, the clothes smells strongly chemically or even comes in a broken state to one .... Currently I am waiting for a part of an order that I am on 13. February. The order was shipped only after a week and by just much faster stores you are then almost inclined to complain. But I do not want to complain, rather the opposite.

The fast delivery and the long return times have not only their good sides. I had also ordered a body that looked a bit like having porn with it and then sent it back. He'll definitely go back, even if he was pretty soft and fit. But it is not uncommon for people to use Asos or Zalando to wear a dress and then send it back. It's an open secret that not only private individuals use bloggers to shoot clothes or wear them once and then send them back. Also numerous Fernweh- and film productions work like that.

Asos and Zalando or other shopping platforms are fine, but right now I feel like I played through Asos. My wardrobe, which I will also write extra as a blog post, is like a kit with different elements and for me Asos offers only a few ways to expand my arsenal of clothes with cuts and fabrics that are more than a trend. Trends are a little nice, but I do not want to make my wardrobe dependent, but I want consistency in my wardrobe. I love to wear red or combine purple with white or black. It does not matter if this is still a trend in a year or not. With great online retailers, there are great opportunities for people of all shapes and sizes - big, small, thin, fat - to finally find clothes that are really good. But you should also think outside the box, make horrible experience with the quality or wait just longer than a day on the trench coat of his dreams.